Product Owner for UAM, User Access Management team to NCC (10377)

November 21, 2023
Roll Produktägare
Kompetensområde Data/IT
Startdatum 2023-12-04
Slutdatum 2024-05-31
Omfattning 100%
Ort Stockholm
Land Sweden
Sista svarsdatum 2023-11-24 (Offerter kommer att behandlas löpande)
Kontaktperson Marie Lundin ( | +46 76 108 10 79)
Referensnummer #10499
Övergripande uppdragsbeskrivning

We are now looking for a Product Owner for UAM, User Access Management team with competence level 3 to NCC (see appendix NCC Competence levels).

NCC is in a digital transformation with many ongoing IT development projects. Due to the great challengies ahead of us, we need a special UAM task force and the aim of the new UAM team is to gather and strucuture requirements from IT developmet projects in our project portfolio.
In collaboration with the projects the team will develop solution designs for UAM. There are UAM competencies in the IT security team that can support with guidlines. The UAM team is a temporary set up and might in the future be integretades in other team.

The purpose of the Product Owner is to work to maximize the value of the delivered product for the business:
•represents all stakeholders for the product and consolidates all stakeholder demands and input into one prioritized product backlog
•decides together with the team on the teams execution, and supports the Team Coach in creating a collaborative environment in the team.
•sets the vision, direction, objectives and targets for the product and team based on overall strategy, priorities, targets and financing
•works closely with IT Service Owner to ensure team compliance to IT ways of working

Area of responsibility:
Service consumer / business relationship:
*Product Development
•Product Delivery & Operations
•Product Lifecycle Management
•Management of service providers

Main assignments:

Service Consumer/Business Relationship
•Manage the relationships with the stakeholders to the team in a formalized and transparent way.
•Ensure that efficient product governance is in place and functioning.
•Drive activities to improve end-user experience

Product Development
•Define the mid and long-term product roadmap and ensures everybody understands the product vision
•Work closely with business stakeholders to capture requirements and translate them into IT demands with clear business case and outlined value (tactical)
•Break down long term roadmaps and goals to shorter activities in the product backlog, in a prioritized order
•Create minor development budget proposals based on stakeholder feedback and internal needs.
•Coordinate with other Product Owners and relevant individuals to sort out dependencies between teams Service consumer / business relationship
•Collects and funnel development needs from both project and product portfolio needs.

Product Delivery & Operations
•Maintain process and application solutions in line with the defined strategy and enterprise requirements
•Align services and service levels with stakeholder needs, expectations and financial frames for the product
•Follow up the products service levels and performance indicators to identify areas of improvements and communicate to stakeholders, to build trust and confidence in the product.
•Support the resolution of issues in line with agreed critical priorities in case of high priority service failures

Lifecycle Management
•Ensure good visibility about cost drivers / annual budget and forecast, quality and overall performance of the product.
•Request resources required (in line with financial budget for the product) to effectively and efficiently manage the product.
Management of service providers
•Conduct operational planning together with relevant suppliers e.g. external resources part of the product team.

Management of service providers
• Conduct operational planning together with relevant suppliers e.g. external resources part of the product team.


At least 6 years as a consultant within relevant area
Able to take main responsibility, lead and drive assignments within relevant area
Ability to see larger contexts and resolve dependencies
Strong delivery capability
Good collaboration and communication skills are
Have participated in several similar assignments at different clients


Experience in the information security area, preferably IAM (Identity access management). (However, we are not looking for any detailed technicians)
Experience in compliance and regulatory contexts (In addition to generic competencies, it is advantageous but not necessary)

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Personliga egenskaper

Is a role model for lower level consultants

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