SE_R&D Hardware Development – Senior Engineer (Level 3) till Hitachi Energy Sweden AB (8038)

November 7, 2023
Roll Hårdvaruingenjör
Kompetensområde Tekniskt arbete
Startdatum 2023-12-01
Slutdatum 2024-11-01
Omfattning 100%
Ort Västerås
Land Sweden
Sista svarsdatum 2023-11-17 (Offerter kommer att behandlas löpande)
Kontaktperson Anette Svensson ( | 073-091 19 23)
Referensnummer #10393
Övergripande uppdragsbeskrivning

We are now looking for a SE_R&D Hardware Development – Senior Engineer (Level 3) to Hitachi Energy Sweden AB in Västerås.

R&D Hardware development consists of requirement management, hardware design, design reviews, prototype build and functional verification. Besides meeting the functional requirements non-functional requirements such as cost, quality and time target shall be met. Work processes and associated tools are provided and the expectation is that processes are followed and provided tools are used unless other agreements are made.

Independently perform various engineering duties requiring the exercise of judgment and application of standard engineering principles and practices, towards set goals. Plan, conduct or coordinate a range of complex engineering activities encompassing one or more engineering disciplines. Conduct or coordinate complex analyses, advanced technical studies and develop recommendations based on sound engineering practices and business considerations as well as potentially legal and other agency requirements.

Minimum requirements of education and experience:
• Minimum six (6) years of work experience within the relevant field and a bachelor or master’s degree, or
• Another technical degree with more than 15 years of work experience within relevant field.
• Working command of the English language.

Additional Hiring Information for Supplier
We are looking for a Backlog-owner/Project lead who will be a a part of Hardware Development Team in Grid Automation Bay Level Products R&D, located in Västerås. Seniority Level: Mid-Senior level.

Your Responsibilities

– Maintaining Backlog of existing HW Platforms
o Organize HW Development request placed in MS Azure.
o Setting priorities with Business Owners (Product Managers, Supply Chain Manager).
o Lead the planning HW Scrum Team resources according to the priorities.
o Review progress and results regularly.
o Guide and instruct the HW Scrum team to reach their commitment.
o Report regularly (3 weeks Scrum Sprint reviews and PLI planning every 3 months).

– Leading HW Development project
o Main contact to our external HW design Partners.
o Plan and lead HW development projects within an international matrix organization (Hardware, Firmware, Software, Test, Supply Chain, EMS, Quality, and Production teams).
o Lead or contribute to HW systems integration, EMC, electrical safety and type test, and NPI (New Product Introduction) activities.
o Maintain existing HW modules (Cost Cuts, EOL, Production Support).
o Report the status of the project regularly.

Your background
• University degree (Bachelor or Master) in Electrical/Electronics Engineering or equivalent.
• At least 3 years of experience in HW Development and project leadership, preferably with agile and lean methodologies.
• It will be a part of your job to communicate with external partners, project leaders, other departments, and suppliers. It is therefore important that you are open-minded and straightforward in your communication.
• Experience managing suppliers will be to your advantage.
• You are a natural problem solver, who enjoys meeting new challenges.
• A team player with a holistic view, high integrity, and the skills needed to manage constantly challenging and changing targets.
• As you will be part of a company that operates in the global arena, you must be proficient in English.

Extension possible.
50% remote work possible, after first 2 months of orientation and integration period on site.

Levels with numbers (1-5): Increasing experience from 1=Very Junior up to 5=Very Experienced
Levels with letters (A-F): Increasing experience from F=Very Junior up to A=Very Experienced


IMPORTANT Carefully read the full description of the role, requirements and specific qualifications wanted, areas of responsibility, background requested and additional employment information for the supplier to ensure that your set of competencies matches the role.
Fluency in both written and spoken English is mandatory.
IMPORTANT Confirm that your offered price is a gross price according to the information below. From this price the fee (4.23%) will be deducted.
Provide consultant’s Date of Birth in the following format: YYYY – MM – DD.


The consultant is located in Sweden

Övriga krav

Attach only ENGLISH CV in Word format under the Documents tab. PLEASE REMOVE company logos and photos. The CV is an important part of the evaluation of the consultant. It must clearly show that the consultant has the competence and experience required for the current assignment.
Offer for this assignment must be sent via KeySourcingTool. Replies via email will receive limited feedback.
Please describe briefly in “Comments” for the various requirements how the consultant meets these.

Personliga egenskaper

Övrig information

Attach only ENGLISH CV in Word format under the Documents tab in the offer. PLEASE REMOVE company logos and photos.

PLEASE NOTE: From the offered hourly rate, the contractual fee of 4.23% will be deducted.

If we end up in a contract the consultant must undergo a drug test before the assignment can start. The consultant then also must have a certificate for SSG-Entré and sign a NDA.

50% remote work WITHIN SWEDEN possible, after first 2 months of orientation and integration period on site.

For further details and conditions, see the attached documents.


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